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Tax Audit - from Start to Finish

The ideal time to enlist our assistance is at the time of initial contact from the IRS auditor that an audit is about to begin.
Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants can immediately place you at ease with the entire audit process.

We will prepare a routine records request to the IRS requesting District, Master and Central file documents about your company, maintained by the IRS. Examples of documents made available to our consultants include audit transcripts, tax recovery indexes, informant statements, and prior audit records including narrative comments by the auditor, the supervisor and the audit reviewer.

After a detailed review of the IRS documents and a preliminary review of your records, our consultants will be in a position to identify significant areas of audit exposure and design a defensive audit strategy customized to effectively address those exposures on both a prospective and retrospective basis.

The audit can be conducted at your Enrolled Agent's, Certified Public Accountant's or Attorney's office or even at your place of business. However, we recommend that the audit be conducted at our place of business not only to eliminate misunderstandings by the auditor about your operations, but also to allow you to focus on the day to day operation of your company.

No matter where you are in the audit process, it is never too early - or too late - to request our assistance.
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