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The IRS will take advantage of a taxpayer!

The IRS will take advantage of a taxpayer who is not knowledgeable about the tax law or IRS audit and collection procedures. Taxpayers need to be protected from IRS error, abuse, and intimidation. Taxpayers frequently overpay their tax liability either as a consequence of inappropriate IRS actions, or because they do not have the counsel of a skilled and experienced tax agency.
If you are self-employed, have you examined all of the different organizational forms? We will perform analysis of your situation and suggest the most appropriate form for you. This can result in significant tax savings for some individuals.
This is the least expensive , most accurate, and quickest method for filing your taxes. We offer complete 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040 capability including associated forms and schedules. Extensive on-line help is available including IRS instructions and publications.
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